Traffic Accident Reports for LAPD

Getting a traffic accident report for the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) can be a long and difficult process

We can help you navigate this large and complex LEO and get your report efficiently.

traffic accident reports for LAPD

The Los Angeles Police Department

If getting a traffic accident reports for LAPD is on your to do list, we are here to help. As the 3rd largest municipal police department in the US, the LAPD covers 498 square miles (1,290 km2) and a population of 4,030,904 people. LA is famous for it's car culture, and is the original location for the first freeway. Traffic is about as intense as it gets. The geography is vast. The typical LAPD officer can be responding to traffic accidents in numerous different neighborhoods.

This is a massive organization. Unfortunately they are stuck in the stone age when it comes to providing a traffic accident report.

Getting LAPD Traffic Accident Reports Step 1

The first step in every report request we get is the same, determine jurisdiction. Like many other parts of California, the Los Angeles area has a mix of potential agencies possible. In the Los Angeles are you have:

  • California Highway Patrol: The CHP has oversight of all the highways in California. However, many of these highways run right through a typical city. The CHP could have the report, even if the location of the accident is literally in the city of Los Angeles.
  • Los Angeles County Sheriff: The LASD covers 153 unincorporated communities of Los Angeles County, California and 42 cities! This is the largest Sheriff Org in the US. Have an accident 100 yards in any direction, and you might be under LASD jurisdiction.
  • Los Angeles Police Department: This org covers an area that overlays the previous 2. At any given point, LAPD can be involved, but not take the actual report. You client might have seen LAPD patrol cars, yet the report was CHP. Or vice versa.

The bottom line is obvious.
A traffic accident in Los Angeles is very difficult to process. There is no other scenario quite like this in the country.

IF LAPD has your report

If you are successful at determining that LAPD has your report, the next step is understanding how to get it. Unfortunately, the 3rd biggest law enforcement agency is possibly the most outdated when it comes to traffic accident reports.

LAPD accident reports take a LONG Time

Traffic accident reports for LAPD are notorious for taking a very long time to even write them. These are hard working public servants drowning in an understaffed environment. An officer finding the time to write down all the pieces and get it into the system is the first problem. The massive bureaucracy administrating this system means it is hard to find out if they even handled the report. And it is very difficult to find out when it might be available.

LAPD traffic reports are only available via mail

If the accident report is at LAPD, and it is available, you have one option. Send in the report request via mail, and wait. Actually hope might be better. Is the form 100% accurate tot he report data? Even on simple mistake will keep the staff from finding the report. Common causes are names being misspelled, accident dates being wrong, or key data missing.

Did you get it right? If you did you will get the report at some point.

If you got it wrong, you might not know until no report comes and you give up.

How to Process an LAPD accident report Step 2

The problems here are more difficult for Personal Injury Attorney firms and Insurance Companies than individuals. The classic frustrations are relevant to large organizations with different staff looking for a report.

  • Get the right forms, fill them out the best way.
  • Enclosing a check for the one report.
  • Supplying the correct return details.
  • Send an email across the state, or across the country.

Don't have the right forms or experience? Good luck. Does your company have a simple and easy way to write a check every time you need an LAPD traffic report? Better hope so. Do you have a simple way to route snail mail back to the right person? Sending mail from outside the Los Angeles area? Add 2-3 days or more to your request turn around time.

It is the little things that make the big difference when it comes to LAPD collision reports. We know, we have been doing this for years. The fastest way to get the slowest report requires skill or tenacity.

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