The Personal Injury Attorney and Specialized Reports

Successful personal injury attorney firms focus on profit, and learn to stop chasing bad cases and bogus clients.

Getting key information like Accident Reports, Animal Control Reports, Fire and Coroner Reports quickly and early at intake provide a massive advantage evaluating potential clients and cases.

Unique report services make a difference

As a busy personal injury attorney or legal professional, time is key. As a result, you are regularly tasked with making key decisions that affect how you use you this fixed resource. Unfortunately, the client isn't able (or interested) in saving your resources.

Time spent focused on winnable cases means more profit. Time spent doing anything else is Lost Profit...
It is POSSIBLE and PROFITABLE to get the report early on in the intake process.

In the typical course of intake and case preparation, obtaining Traffic Reports, CHP Face Pages, Animal Control Reports, Fire Reports,Coroner Reports is done after intake. This means several hours of intake, prep, paralegal time and client introduction has already been done, but the details of the case are not clear.

Guess who already has the report? Do you know who probably already attempted contacted your client? The Insurance Company...

Insurance companies know that if they get the report, and they contact the involved parties, they have the best chance to close the claim to their benefit.

Getting Reports Early in the Intake Cycle

Getting a report earlier rather than eventually, is a clear benefit. Here are some common scenarios that legal professionals can benefit from using our pro-active report sourcing.

  • No report is available? That is great to know. The client claims they called LEO and made a report.  But it doesn't exist. That is a BIG red flag. Is their story false? Was there a death or other problem? Are there extenuating circumstances not being disclosed?
  • The report shows clear fault on the other party.  This is a clear indicator the case (and therefore the eventual settlement) has serious merit.
  • Inconsistencies with the client story or shows clear at fault to the client. You can cut your losses and take other profitable clients.
  • Case is already in process. You will need the report. You are flying blind. The report will provide all involved parties and details allowing you to understand the scope much more clearly.

It is never too early or too late to Get The Report . . .

Many Case Management Software (CMS) applications such as Needles, Litify, FileVine and others allow us to integrate our services into their systems. We can help you set up your CMS to send us report request details from the intake process, or you can use our Report Dashboard and enter it yourself. Once we start the process, we keep you updated until we deliver you the information. Any staff can be brought online quickly and enter a report request on our system.

Using an outsourced call center or buying leads?

Make getting the report part of you services intake process. We can easily facilitate your vendors to get our reports as early as possible. Having the key report before you even see the client can reduce your risk of wasting time. Saving several hours of staff time (or worse) more than justifies the cost of a key report. By focusing on a profitable client instead, your opportunity costs go down significantly, and your success rate will climb.

Why you should never use internal staff to order a report

Many firms still take internal staff or employees and send them out to get a report manually.

On the surface it seems this would be efficient. The reality is that sending your staff member out to a records desk at a local Law Enforcement office is far less profitable than hiring the work out.

Time spent at payroll + overhead isn't the only cost. While they are gone, they cannot do anything else they normally do to make the attorneys better billing rate throughput. If they make an any errors, they might come back empty handed. If the records clerk is having a bad day, they might not know how to navigate the problem. If the records desk is busy, they will wait.

Our couriers will get the report with at far better performance. Your staff can stay put and solve internal problems. Keep the profit where it belongs, inside the operation.

What does it take to order a collision report online?

5-6 key data points, and a signed Authorization by the client. Guess what? You are already doing this at intake!

As soon as we receive notice of your request, our agents can go through the process of determining Jurisdiction.We verify the report exists, and begin managing the process with the LEO agency. As soon as it is available, we get the report. When we retrieve the report, we check it for accuracy, and then send it electronically from the field. In some cases, a summary report can be available with key contact data the next business day, with a full report following.

For a more detailed overview of the problems and pitfalls, click here. 

Personal Injury Attorney Traffic Reports

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We provide high performance, low hassle report services for claims adjusters, processors, and legal professionals. When you need Traffic Collision Reports, Certificate of Death, Animal Control, Fire and Coroner reports, Clymer & Beverly Inc will GET THE REPORT!

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