Insurance Providers and Reports

Claims adjusters at typical insurance providers are under the gun to close the claim. They simply have to work the process as fast as possible and get the best settlement.

We help claims processors to close claims fast by supplying Traffic Accident Reports, Animal Control, Fire and Coroner Reports.

Insurance Adjusters, Closing Claims and Speed

Time is key. For insurance providers, first contact is the best scenario adjusters have to close the claim. As soon as there is First Notice of Loss (FNOL) the clock is ticking.

50-100+ claims a month. . . a normal workload for a Insurance Claims Adjuster. Knowing whether your client is at fault, insured, and who the other parties is the first step.

In the typical course of processing a claim, waiting on the report can be a liability. More and more attorneys are realizing the power of getting a report earlier in the intake process. If they have any real knowledge of the incident, they will push back.

Attorneys know that if they can retain a client with even half a case, the race is on. Both parties can then endure a long, protracted process. The longer it takes, the better the contingency amount.

What a report truly does

Pro-active report sourcing is our key to delivery fast. There are many different outcomes to the process that offer an insurance provider clear advantages.

  • Is a report even available? If not, why? Are there extenuating circumstances, or something undisclosed?
  • Is the report going to be delayed? In the event of a death or other complication, there can be a serious delay.
  • Clear fault. Determining fault is for the courts, but having an obvious way to see it helps understand the claim.

Getting The Report as easy as possible . . .

Establishing an account is quick and easy. Once verified, you can use our Report Dashboard and enter the basic data yourself. We only require 5-6 basic data points, and can help train your staff to get the critical data easily.

Ongoing management

Once we start the process, we keep you updated until we deliver you the information. Any staff can be brought online quickly and enter a report request on our system. All your claims are available to you, and are searchable. If claims tend to move between adjusters or other staff, we can provide visibility to all the claims and reports being processed.

As soon as we receive notice of your request, determining our job. We verify the report exists, and begin managing the process daily. We will update you if anything changes, and add information as we progress. We get the report as soon as it is available. After retrieving the report int he field, we always check it for accuracy. In some cases, a summary report can be available with key contact data the next business day, with a full report following.

For a more detailed overview of the problems and pitfalls, click here. 

Traffic Reports for Insurance Providers

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We provide high performance, low hassle report services for claims adjusters, processors, and legal professionals. When you need Traffic Collision Reports, Certificate of Death, Animal Control, Fire and Coroner reports, Clymer & Beverly Inc will GET THE REPORT!

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