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There are dozens of counties in California, each with a different process and deliverable. It can be easy and simple to get reports for fatalities.


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Coroner Reports for Attorneys

While fatality reports are not uncommon services we provide, coroner reports might end up taking a long time to source. Just in California alone, there are dozens of counties. Each one can take a different application, and have a different delivery window.

What is included in a coroner report?

It can vary due to size and sophistication of a county coroner. Typically, you can expect to get one of more of the following options:

  • Photos
  • Autopsy
  • Coroner report
  • Toxicology

What data do you need to supply for a coroner report?

  • Location of Death
  • Date of Death
  • Name of Deceased
  • Insured Name (if not the client)

Additional Helpful data points

  • Coroner Office Name
  • Coroner Case #

The key data element is Coroner Case number. This is the key you will need to follow up daily with the coroner office to find when it is available.

Ordering fatality reports: Key considerations

It is all a matter of time. How much time do you have to follow up with a coroner report? If there are extenuating circumstances, then you will need to be vigilant in follow up. I will take a consistent follow up with the agency to get the report quickly.

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