CHP Accident Report

Getting a CHP Accident Report does not need to be as bad as actually driving on California highways.

We help Individuals, Insurance Agencies and Personal Injury Attorneys to get this critical report faster and easier than any other service in the industry.

chp accident reportCalifornia - 30 million people - 1 million miles of highway - 163,000 square miles

CHP is the Big Dog for California Traffic Reports

By far, the California Highway Patrol, a.k.a CHP, handles more traffic collisions and accidents than any other Law Enforcement Agency (LEO) in the state. As a result, it is a high probability you need a CHP accident report if you need a traffic report for a client who lives in California or recently visited.  You have your work cut out for you, and we are here to help.

Does the CHP actually have my Traffic Report?

One of the first problems is to determine jurisdiction. The CHP manages not just classic massive highways. The Pacific Coast Highway, or PCH, runs right through cities like any other street. At other times it is a stand alone multi-line highway. CHP might come out, or local Police. Or the local county Sheriff.


Did you know the CHP has a unique Traffic Report available?

The CHP Face Page report is unique to the CHP. You get an initial summary of the parties involved, and their contact details, often available within 1 business day after the accident. As a personal injury attorney firm or insurance provider, this is a huge advantage.  Attempting to close the claim or evaluate the case needs speed. Subsequently, the main CHP traffic report can be provided with all the details as a follow up.

CHP Traffic Reports can be faster than many other agencies

There are simply so many potential LEO agencies possible in a give traffic collision in California. If CHP is handling your accident report, you have an opportunity to get traction right away. As specialists in this agency and sourcing both the Face Page and Full Reports, we can give your firm the edge. Sourcing these reports is our daily focus. If there is an accident report with the CHP, we can get it for you.


Are you competing against another Insurer who is using a face page to their advantage?

Are you evaluating a potential client or case and need to know more before taking it on and wasting time?


How to get a CHP Accident Report Online

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Step#1 Contact Us

We are experts at getting you a report fast and easy. All that is needed is for you to contact us and get an account setup quickly.

Step#2 Give us just a few details

Once you have an account set up with us, place your order online, or send us the following basic details:

* Insured Name/Client Name
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Any additional details are helpful, but give us this and we are good to go!

Step #3 Let us get to work

We take over and confirm there is a report. Our process will update you and begin regularly contacting the agency responsible for availability. Staying in contact with the agency daily lets us know when the report is ready. This pro-active approach is unique in the industry, providing higher performance than any other organization.

Step #4 Check your inbox

Using our Report Dashboard, as well as email notifications we can keep you updated with the status. Once we receive the report, upload it from the field, and verify the details for accuracy. We then send the report immediately to your inbox.

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