Report Delivery Services

Fast, efficient and accurate reports for Insurance and Legal organizations. Traffic Collision, Fire, Animal Control, Coroner and more . . .No one in California knows how to determine jurisdiction, obtain the report, and deliver it to you faster.

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Key reports faster and easier than ever

The average workload for a Insurance Claims Adjuster is 50-100+ claims a month.The typical Personal Injury Attorney is faced with dozens of new clients a week.We can help do more than just you keep up...

Save time and hassle

Time really is money. For legal professionals, billable time and hours need to convert into settlements. For claims processors, delays keep claims open. We get the report faster than anyone in the industry.

We manage it

All we need is 5-6 key data points, data you already have! Then we take over, determine jurisdiction, and manage the process. As soon as the report is available, we get it. After checking for 100% accuracy, we send it to you right away electronically.

Service is the Solution

Our high customer service performance keeps your key staff profitable and focused. We provide the report management pro-actively so you can get your job done.

The job performance of insurance adjusters is judged not only by how little of the insurance company’s money they spend in settlements but also by how quickly they settle claims. Most adjusters get between 50 and 100 new claims a month across their desks. They have to settle that many claims -- known as “clearing” or “closing” a claim file -- each month just to stay even.