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There are 3 keys to obtaining traffic collision reports:

Determine the Report Jurisdiction
Obtain the Report itself
Verify the Report is accurate

Sounds simple right? Then why is it so hard, and why does it take so long for the average person to navigate this process?

Determining Report Jurisdiction

The key step is finding out who even handled the traffic collision report. This varies state by state. Within a state, you can have huge variance.

For example, California is a huge state, with a population of over 30 Million people! With 700+ possible agencies managing millions of miles of possible surface streets, highways, and transportation corridors, it is a constantly changing environment. We discuss this in depth in our article about using general couriers. You cannot order a traffic accident report until you can figure out who took the onsite report. If you are wrong, you might never get your report when you need it. And you wont know for weeks.

Determining the report jurisdiction is not a problem for us. We take years of experience with tens of thousands of delivered reports. We get the right agency because that is all we do. There is no need for our customer to waste valuable time making multiple phone calls, enduring long wait times in municipal bureaucracies, and ending up with the delays. Your time is worth more . . .

Obtaining Traffic Collision Reports

It is one thing to know the right agency, but it is another thing to get the report. It is not uncommon to go to the wrong office. Or at the wrong time. As a result, you lose valuable hours, days (or even worse) because of some unique quirk of the local policy at the station. Additionally, the administrative burden on local law enforcement offices creates a quagmire of different personnel, all with different understandings (and personalities!) of the code. We see other services simply drop off envelopes and folders and simply refuse to work any harder to get their customers the key report they need to settle claims. We see it EVERY DAY.

When you need to get a report now, you need to know the rules, the people, and the process. we are constantly interacting with these key agencies, and their personnel. We see visit many of these offices, call them on the phone, and interact with their people DAILY.

As soon as we have your traffic collision report in our couriers hands, we upload that document immediately. We begin to verify the report in our administrative system and confirm delivery.

Is this the right traffic accident report?

Traffic Collision Reports and Much MoreOur last step is verification. Each report is inspected by our account managers to verify we are delivering the right report. Mistakes can happen on the internal systems of the local law enforcement provider, as well as unique problems associated with common names and other miscellaneous errors. It is our job to make sure you don't just have the report quickly, but the right report quickly.

Once the report is verified, the report request is updated and delivered to you via email ASAP. It is not uncommon to deliver a report within an hour of receiving it in the field. You can log on the the Report Dashboard as well, and download the report at any time.

Want to know more?

We provide high performance, low hassle report services for claims adjusters, processors, and legal professionals. When you need Traffic Collision Reports, Certificate of Death, Animal Control, Fire and Coroner reports, WE WILL GET THE REPORT!

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