The Real Cost of Getting a Traffic Collision Report

The # 1 question we get about providing crash reports is "How much does it cost?"

The real question is "How much will it save you?"


Uncovering the internal costs of traffic reports

It might sound like marketing nonsense, but be patient... there is a LOT MORE about the REAL COST of getting a collision report. The details aren't always obvious.

There are several layers to the cost, and the least impacting is the last one: the courier fee.

It may not seem obvious, but the single biggest costs come in several areas that are hidden to most institutional and corporate organizations. Many times the actual costs of sourcing collision reports are tied to one or more indirect factors.

Hidden Cost #1: Never getting the report

It might sound obvious, but the whole intention of ordering a traffic report is actually obtaining the report!

For Insurance Agencies:

  • The momentum required to close the claim (quickly, competently, and with minimal loss) depends on FIRST CONTACT.
  • The advantage of FIRST CONTACT depends entirely on the traffic report details.
  • Without the report, there is no FIRST CONTACT.

For Legal Firms:

  • Evaluating a case on intake without an objective assessment of the incident can result in losing time chasing unreachable settlements.
  • When going to litigation, every bit of detail you have about all the parties involved is critical.
  • If the client claims there was LEO called to the scene, and took a report, but there is no report, something is very, very wrong.

Simply put, the delivery performance of many generic couriers is dismal. It is a common story we hear all the time. New clients coming on board after using other services tell us stories about how they never get a report they ordered, or end up using several attempts to get the report. Often we get report requests after a customer used another courier 2-3 times and still don't have the report. By the time many companies actually get the report from our competitors, it can be so late (4-6 weeks is NOT an outlier) that is is worthless.

All that wasted time and effort, and nothing left to show for it. Don't let your valuable resources go to waste.

Hidden Cost #2: Getting the report too late

The responsiveness of a report courier is a make or break element in FIRST CONTACT. A report delivered too late is a waste of serious time, resources, and opportunity. The first few days and hours after a collision are they crucial ones when it comes to closing the claim.

For Insurance Agencies:

Finding the parties involved, contacting them first, and making the offer can close the claim right there. Loss Mitigation 101. Waiting weeks to get the parties details means they might already have retained a lawyer.

For Legal Firms:

Having access to the scope of the case early puts the power in your hands. It will be obvious whether this is a case to take, outsource, or move on to another more profitable case.

California Highway Patrol Facepage Summary Reports

A key advantage for our California customers is a CHP Summary report. This unique offering gets the summary of parties involved and the contact details. This report is often available within 24 hours (1 business day) and gets this key data into your hands. We are often able to get these reports the same day they become available.

Hidden Cost #3: Internal time

While we have discussed the hidden costs of either getting the report too late to be effective, or not getting the report at all, we haven't yet discussed the single biggest cost of all.

Our current time studies on our California report requests revealed a shocking statistic about sourcing traffic reports. We examined the total amount of time we spend on retrieving reports. We looked at every interaction we have, from the time our customers entered a report request on our Report Dashboard, to the processing of the customers payments in our Accounting system. By looking at the last 90 days of servicing report requests it became clear where the single biggest cost for our customers really was:

Our team of report specialists spend an average of 14.58 minutes per report before the report is ready for delivery.

This includes:

  • Receiving the requests
  • Checking for accuracy
  • Determining jurisdiction
  • Contacting and verifying with the supplier regarding report details
  • Confirming availability and updating key data in our system

Keep in mind, we are normally handling hundreds of report requests a day from some of our customers. We have a whole part of our operation dedicated to just Traffic Reports. Within that team, we have staff who focuses only on the 800 possible office locations in California. We do this EVERY DAY. Many times our staff can determine jurisdiction on the first try.

And this is just an average. some report requests involved HOURS to determine who even took the report, let alone how to get it. There is no question that the typical claims adjuster, assistant or office admin is spending significantly more time than this to even get to jurisdiction.

 Using a typical corporate customer as an example (a top tier insurance provider) who orders between 700-1000 reports a week is spending upwards of 1000 hours a week, 52 weeks a year just getting data ready for the typical, Big Data, passive mode courier. the cost is staggering. At an average burdened rate of $50/hr for a typical office staff, the cost of the first try to get a report is at least $50 or more, plus the report fee. And this is assuming high levels of accuracy.

At any point the report takes too long to source, or simply doesn't get delivered, the potential savings closing the claim are lost.  Any further inquiries cost more time. And the ultimate problem comes into focus. The Insured, the ultimate customer, experiences a seriously negative and bitter process, often under stress and duress.

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