Fire Reports

Fire reports can be really hard to source. Traffic Collision reports are hard enough. The agencies involved in fire protection are even more difficult and hard to reach.

Most fire damage claims involve property and possibly personal injury. A lot of moving parts to control. The initial report should be the LEAST of your worries.

Vehicle Fire Reports

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Fire Reports California

Wildfires and other multi party fires can be more difficult to source fire reports

Fire Reports Traffic Reports and Much More

Give us the details and let us get to work sourcing your report.

Ordering fire reports online

Fire reports are usually a part of a much larger puzzle of events. We keep focused and deliver your report quickly, and accurately. We are here to help you close your claim fast, and get this off your desk.

Ordering a fire report is similar to other incident reports like traffic reports or animal control reports. There is a key set of data required to determine the jurisdiction and satisfy the agency needs as a party of interest.

  • Client Name
  • Date of Loss
  • Time of Loss
  • Insured Name (if not the client)
  • Location
  • Type of Fire (vehicle, residential, commercial etc . . .)
  • Additional data is always helpful, but give us these basics and we are ready to Get The Report!

Some considerations when ordering fire reports

If the incident was not isolated to just the client, the report might take additional time. In the case of a fire affecting many different people or structures, or a wildfire that encroached into a residential area. As a result of unusual scenarios the agency itself may be slower in processing. If there is a death or suspicion of arson, multiple agencies and offices may be working in parallel.

Already registered in our system? Just go to your Report Dashboard using your authorized login, and give us the basics. We will hunt down the proper Report Jurisdiction, and get you your report ASAP!

If you need to get a fire report and do not already have an account with us, use the contact form to let us know. We are happy to help you get started.


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