Determining Report Jurisdiction

Tired of wasting valuable time calling multiple agencies to determine report jurisdiction?

There are at least 3 major types of law enforcement agencies providing traffic reports, many of which have overlapping jurisdiction. If you aren't extremely familiar with the specific region, you can waste hours trying to find this before you can continue to close your case.

The First Step is often the Hardest!

Sure it is a cliche... but in this case it is true. Determining Report Jurisdiction is often the most difficult and time consuming process of obtaining a traffic report. In California, there are over 700 agencies possible just for an automobile collision, let alone animal control reports, fire reports, certificates of death, coroner reports etc...

Lets take a real simple example below...

Accident #1: Hawthorne Boulevard and Pacific Coast Highway, Torrance Ca 90505

Determine Report Jurisdiction 1

Hawthorne Boulevard and Pacific Coast Highway. Who has Report Jurisdiction?

The possible jurisdiction is:

  • Local PD (In this case Torrance PD)
  • If this local city has no PD, it would then be Los Angeles County Sheriff
  • California Highway Patrol

This scenario is further complicated by the fact that moving 50 feet in any direction, or the availability of local law enforcement to get there could change the potential law enforcement agency!

Accident #2: 24001 Neece Ave Torrance, CA 90505, Torrance Ca 90505

Determine Report Jurisdiction 2

The possible jurisdiction is:

  • Local PD (In this case Torrance PD)

This scenario less than 100 yards away from accident #1!

California Report JurisdictionGive us the basics, and let us get to work right now

We are the experts at determining report jurisdiction.Our staff is constantly interacting with hundreds of agencies a week and know how to find the correct agency fast. This helps us get your report request started immediately.

All we require is a few simple pieces of information to get the process started. Immediately upon receiving your initial request in our integrated, real time Report Dashboard, our staff is notified of your request. Our team can begin working on determining jurisdiction of your traffic collision report within minutes, and in most cases will get confirmation on our first try.

As soon as we confirm the correct agency, we update your request by assigning the reporting agency as well as inputting the Report# and any other information we have gathered. This information is made available to you via email as well as the Report Dashboard.. You will see the status and information about your claim update constantly. To learn more about our powerful, real-time service platform, click here.

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