CHP Face Page Summary

The California Highway Patrol issues a preliminary summary (often called a Face Page or Face Sheet) of information about traffic collisions. This key information is often available within a few days (sometimes even the next day!).

We provide our customers with the option to get this powerful tool as fast as possible, and to initiate contact with the parties involved FIRST. Our Face Page service allows you the opportunity to close the claim quickly, and Mitigate Loss!

Face Page and First Contact

CHP Face Page

Ponch and John still work tirelessly to get you your Traffic Report...

Industry Professionals understand the power of FIRST CONTACT. The adjuster who connects to the claimant often has the best chance of settling quickly, and for the least amount possible. There is simply no substitute for speed.

Our customers who use our Face Page Service have a distinct advantage over the other insurance carriers and interested parties when it comes to settling claims. We are one of the only Traffic Report providers that specialize in this unique report. As soon as the full report is available, we will deliver the report to provide you the additional details immediately.

Using our Real Time service platform, it is not unusual to see Face Page requests come in and are able to turn around this key tool the same day to our customers (our current record is less than 30 minutes!).

Are you competing against another Insurer who is using a face page to their advantage?

Are you evaluating a potential client or case and need to know more before taking it on and wasting time?


Want to know more?

We provide high performance, low hassle report services for claims adjusters, processors, and legal professionals. When you need Traffic Collision Reports, Certificate of Death, Animal Control, Fire and Coroner reports, we will GET THE REPORT!

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